2-hours Guarantee

We take our every promise seriously!

We know you need a quick and reliable service. Our average delivery time is 30-60min, we make every attempt to get your order delivered as soon as possible. However the ETA really depends on drivers and how busy we are. We are willing to offer 2-hours guarantee for reliability, if we are late, you will get your delivery fees back!  

If you have received an order delivered later than 2-hours from the time of order, please fill in the form below, our team will verify and finalise your order within 48 hours. When we have verified, we will return your shipping fees to you as a store credit, the credit will be sent to your email given.

You will received an ETA by SMS shortly after the order is placed and a call on arrival. Please make sure you have read through our Delivery Terms and Terms & Condition before placing an order.

Request for a store credit