What are Nangs? – The History of Nangs

Ah, the humble Nangs.” What are Nangs?” is a question many may ask, even if they already know them by another name.Nangs is the common Australian name for small cans of nitrous oxide designed to make the cream fluffy and long-lasting, and it goes by many names, including “Whippets” and “Hippy Crack,” while anyone unaware of its entertaining form will know its contents as N2O, or simply laughing gas.

Nitrous oxide, the same gas used to make fast cars go faster (and maybe even angrier) in the Fast and Furious movies, is a very versatile gas that has been used in dentistry and medicine as an anesthetic since 1844.

Mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a mask, nitrous oxide is ideal for procedures or scenarios where general anesthesia is not considered necessary, such as minor dental procedures and childbirth.

The word “nang” itself is thought to derive from the rapidly repeating sound distortion that users hear when experiencing euphoria.

Nangs have an interesting history, and their common use as a recreational drug is much more widespread than you might think. Second only to ecstasy, Nangs are often cited as the drug of choice for campus week because they are not only cheap, but available at every corner store.

There are even late-night Nang delivery services that offer 24/7 delivery in major cities, one famous example of which is that “meeting all your baking needs” is their main purpose.

Because sometimes you just need to ice a really big-ass cake at 3am. On a Tuesday.